The end point:

Christian Aid’s goal is to build thriving and resilient societies: “for individuals and communities to gain the power to live with dignity, responding successfully to disasters and the risks they face.” Partnership for Change: the Power to End Poverty, 2012

Getting there:

In this online resource, find out more about the communities we are working with, and why; how we are helping them to build resilient livelihoods; what tools and approaches help guide the process; and what successes and challenges we are meeting along the way.

Who is most affected?

The In Focus section will introduce a marginalised and vulnerable community that Christian Aid is working with.

What are the underlying causes of poverty?

Poverty is complex and its causes are rooted in a multitude of issues which are more often than not related to one another. This page offers a brief overview of just some of the pressures and problems that conspire to trap people in poverty and increase their vulnerability to disasters and other shocks.

Nicholas Abuya, Resilience Officer, Christian Ai Kenya explains why a gender and power analysis is critical to the resilient livelihoods approach.

What makes a livelihood resilient to risks, crises and disaster?

How can this approach result in lasting change?

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Why isn’t ending poverty straightforward?  Because the world is full of diverse and changing risks and pressures, from population growth and market crashes… to conflict, disasters and environmental degradation.  They affect different people in different ways. They rarely exist in isolation, and they hit the poorest, most excluded and vulnerable the hardest.

Facing all these pressures, how can those affected move beyond simply surviving, away from a dependency on aid, and towards a thriving, more dignified and more resilient existence?

Christian Aid believes it all starts with understanding the underlying causes of poverty in each community and putting power into people’s hands so that they are in control of their own development.

Explore the communities where Christian Aid and our partners are making this happen.

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 What kind of risks do communities face and how do they affect people?

Explore the Community and meet the people for a greater understanding of the way causes and symptoms of poverty interact and interrelate in real life.

 How do we get to the heart of the problem to achieve sustainable solutions?

Explore our Programmes to find out how we are empowering communities to manage the risks around them and to make the most of opportunities to thrive. Find out what solutions a pastoralist community in Kenya has introduced in the In Focus section. Learn more about our Resilience Framework. Download helpful programme resources from our Toolbox. See the latest updates from our resilience programmes in the Case Studies section where you can also share your comments.