Resilience in action: Malawi floods 2015

09 Jul Resilience in action: Malawi floods 2015

Interested in how communities are building resilience to disasters and climate change in Malawi? Watch Christian Aid’s film which captures the comprehensive range of work that the ECRP programme in Malawi is doing to build community resilience to disasters and other crises. The impact of these activities were put to the test during the catastrophic floods in early 2015 and community members interviewed for the film talk about how such actions help them cope with and bounce back from disasters like this.

In some instances, humanitarian responses can risk promoting aid dependency which in turn undermines long-term resilient livelihoods approaches that are based instead on community empowerment, self-sufficiency and accountability. This film shows how humanitarian and development activities in disaster prone contexts can be integrated and mutually supportive without undermining community empowerment and independence.